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Vladimir Milicev

Songwriter, Composer, Keyboardist, Music Producer, IT Engineer
Vladimir Milicev was born in 1979 in Kikinda, Serbia, Europe, where he completed primary and secondary school and primary music school - piano department. Then he moved to Belgrade, Serbia, Europe, where he graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade in 2004.
Since the age of 16, Vladimir has been composing music and writing songs. He is the author of over 50 pop and rock songs with recognizable sentience and melodies suitable for singing.
He made his first professional recordings in 2009, when he recorded a dozen completely arranged songs on his laptop. "The recordings turned out to be technically solid, but they weren't at a satisfactory level. They were home-produced, I recorded them and played all by myself, without anyone's help, and I couldn't do any better at that moment."
Meanwhile, Vladimir focused on developing his professional software and web engineering company, which he had founded a year before. Vladimir has become a real expert in object-oriented programming languages and web application development and therefore he has remained the leader of the team providing tools and solutions for digital copyright and intellectual property protection (Biz2Protect), digital business cards (Biz2Card), music distribution, live streaming, database management, data acquisition, signal processing... Despite the business success, it seems, however, that something important was missing:
"All these years, I've spent little time doing what I enjoy the most and what I actually know best to do - songwriting and composing. Since I wrote my first song one evening, I realized that I was very good at creating memorable and emotionally charged melodies. I feel that now is the time to return to my musical roots, where I belong."
Vladimir is married and the father of a lovely daughter.
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